The Environment

the envornment

Our main bird watching area near Buenos Aires represents an unparalleled habitat for a wide variety of bird species due to the geographic features of this region that combines different land conditions. Since it is situated close to the Uruguay River (the natural border that divides Argentina from Uruguay) it offers sizable areas of wetlands together with thick brush and grasslands.

farmland entre rios


marshlando entre rios


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Agriculture is one of the most important economic activities of this zone so it ensures that birds have plenty of food at their disposal all year round. In fact, we have access to the main bird feeding areas of this region. The combination of all these aspects make this unique ornithology destination an unbeatable place to go since it is really difficult to find another region of Argentina that combines its nearness from Buenos Aires with such an incredible bird watching. For those outdoorsmen seeking Argentina bird watching tours in “the deep country” this trip will be a real discovery.

Given that we run a birdwatching operation in a broad area and there are many birding sites to visit, we will organize your bird-watching expedition according to your main interest in order to be concentrated in your goals. If you are a birder, a twitcher or just a bird lover you would enjoy our area driving from Buenos Aires along the Highway 14 to the North direction. The first sighting place starts at Ceibas at 100 miles from BA and it goes up to Colon situated at 200 miles, it roughly covers a territory of more than 100 miles long by 50 miles wide so you have the chance to make a short and prompt getaway directly to plentiful birding areas close to BA (ideal for a travelers staying limited time in town) or to spend a week visiting different locations that are not only great for bird watching but also very fascinating for game watching or for local sightseeing points of interest.

El Palmar National Park

This flora & fauna reserve is located at South East Entre Rios province, 34 miles North to Colon city. Its 20,295 acres cover a very particular ecosystem that combines the Pampeana plain with the Entre Rios spinal.

el palmar entre rios

The climate is very mild all year round with a rain average of 55 inches so it can be visited all the time. This reserve protects an unique forest of yatay palm among some others that have disappeared due to the advance of agriculture. The variety and volume of its fauna is simply incredible with many different species of birds, mammals and reptiles. It features pedestrian trails, visits to the historic site “Calera del Palmar”, viewpoints of the Uruguay River, vehicle access trails, recreational areas and a birds observatory among some other activities.