Birding Tours

birding tours

We organize custom made bird watching tours according to your goals. Our birding plans are made for all kinds of finances and demands, from one day to a week, for both birders and twitchers from beginners to wildlife experts. We prefer to manage reduced groups in order to insure personal management and professional support to all the members of each team but we could take care of a ”gaggle” of birders if necessary. As environmentalists, we care about nature so we put priority in not disturbing the birds and scenery and we are devoted to sustaining and preserving our environment. We also have proficiency in all flora and fauna of the area and furnish tailored made tours for game watching.

Our game tours are focused on the mammalian and reptile highlights of this area close to Buenos Aires. Mammals as axis deer, wild boar, water buffalo, capybara, European hare and fox are available there as well as reptiles like the overo lizard and snakes among some others. We conduct these tours with skilled wildlife guides, and though the bird watching side of the destination won’t be disregarded, observing and photographing animals both large and small will be the primary focus of our attention. In that sense, your guide will help you with each bird identification and the rest of the birding facts.

In general terms, your birdwatching holidays begin when we meet & greet the travelers either upon arrival to Buenos Aires Int’l airport or at their hotel in Buenos Aires city normally quite early in the morning. We transport the clients by comfortable cars or vans according to the size of the party in the way that we’ll arrive at our destination at the right time to have lunch and then we go birding in the first afternoon until dusk. We usually stay at Santa Adela lodge (luxury lodging) along the time that you have chosen and then we drive you back to Buenos Aires after lunch of the last morning when the tour is over. The assistance during your stay with us are world class: from the careful service of our staff, the quality of our cuisine (Argentinean quality wine & prime beef are one of the highlights at the lodge), our modern fleet of vehicles at the guests’ disposal in the field and the professionalism of our leaders will make an unforgettable adventure out of this trip.

We recommend no more than eight participants with one professional guide as a maximum group size so if we receive larger groups we manage them with at least two guides. The itineraries are adjusted to optimize your birding encounters, as well as taking advantage of the peak of each destination – be they cultural, historical or scenic.

birding tour group

If you are looking for a twitching experience beyond the boundaries of your country, Santa Adela lodge provides short tours for your next birdwatching tour for up to a week in the field but we can also take care of you for the number of days that fit in your travel schedule. Daily tours are also available for visitors that stay in Buenos Aires for other reasons like business, tourism and so on.

Basic packing list

  • Binoculars (we recommend 8X or 10X magnification of premier quality as Leica or similar)
  • Field guide (any good app like ebirds or Merlin and so on. If you are a "book person" we advise you to bring the "Guia para la identificacion de las Aves de Argentina y Uruguay" by Tito Narosky and Dario Yzurieta.
  • Checklist
  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Comfortable but sturdy outdoors gear.
  • Rain gear.
  • Footwear: Rubber boots (up to the knee) or waterproof boots, comfortable footwear.
  • Daypack
  • Notebook and pen
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen (30+ SSP factor)
  • Insects repellent
  • Personal items

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