Due that we manage an extensive area in the province of Entre Rios, North East of Buenos Aires city, we count with different lodging options located in strategic points of it always close to the birding fields but in this section we are going to refer to our flagship estate: Estancia Santa Adela where you will cherish our world class accommodations together with unbeatable bird-watching and other activities as fishing, trekking, horseback riding and much more.

Santa Adela Lodge

Santa Adela Lodge

The lodge was built inside a charming park of eight hectares where lush trees of over one hundred and fifty years old stand out. The primary house counts with all the facilities including ten bedrooms with a private bathroom; a living room with an open bar, dining room and a coffee room where you will enjoy cocktails and snacks served in front of the heat of the fireplace and galleries to admire the delightful scenery that surrounds you.

santa adela garden
santa adela cistern
santa adela backyard

Located next to provincial route 39, near Concepción del Uruguay city in the province of Entre Rios, this place is connected with the capital city of Argentina by a safe-and-fast four lane highway at the very practical three hours driving distance from Buenos Aires. Estancia Santa Adela is a cattle breeding and agricultural ranch in full production  The lodge is over one hundred and forty years old and it is an historic place since it is situated in the ancient lands that the King of Spain donated to one of his former generals as a recompense for his service to the crown.

santa adela foyer
santa adela dinning room
santa adela living room

Santa Adela lodge is a country house built in a middle of a long-lasting grove. The building is stylish and charming with the touch of its old days but offering all the modern comfort that our distinguished clientele deserves in an international birding tour. It features ten double bedrooms with private bathroom capacity It provides careful personal service, International gourmet cuisine, Wi-Fi Internet, cell phone service and easy access all year round. The traditional Argentinian “asado” (barbecue) in the ranch’s fire pit are fixed by the ranch’s cook with the finest local beef, served with quality wine from our cellar. Game appetizers and organic homemade made with the products of the garden of the “estancia” complete the menu of the lodge.

santa adela yellow room
santa adela green room
santa adela bathroom

Our country is well known because of its great gastronomy. We have the best wine and meat, among so many other things that you will enjoy in your trip to Argentina.

Wine is the national drink of Argentina and we won many international prizes as the best quality of wine. We grow different types of grapes like Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah and so on but the most distinctive variety of Argentina is the Malbec wine. Our country is the largest wine producer in Latin America and the fifth largest producer in the whole world, as well as the ninth exporter globally.

Without a doubt Argentinian asado (barbecue) is a local traditional ritual synonymous of fellowship. Eating a barbecue for an Argentine is not only means to taste exquisite meat, it also involves meeting friends or family and having a good time together.

The Argentine dulce de leche is one of the most typical and well-known sweets in our country. It is the star ingredient that we use in most of our desserts and is considered as a national emblem.

glass of wine


argentinean asado


flan with dulce de leche

Flan with Dulce de Leche

Because of its intimate atmosphere, its ideal location in the heart of the bush, marshlands and plains of our area and for its excellent accommodations and services this place constitutes the perfect choice for large or reduced groups looking for world class bird watching tours.

Other Activities

The following activities are available inside the field or in a very short radius. The distance are published in case it´s necessary to move.




Tennis - 10 Kms.


Fishing - 10 Kms.


Golf - 20 Kms.

boat ride

Boat Ride - 30 Kms.